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The beauty and uniqueness of cupcakes is so distinct that makes snapped. In cupcake is indirectto small sweets so special external, with decorative, colorful, a tiny tiny elements to beautify that makes you wonder, for it and its size is disproportionate to the reputation that follows. In Cupcake oINITIATED as a small sweets to sate the sudden craving, in the day or to accompany your coffee and evolved into madness with different flavors, complex designs and aristocratic style.

What makes cupcakes so unique

The cupcakes stand in the face, in taste and price.

  • The appearance ... a little artwork, individually. White, pink, yellow, ivory, green, purple, blue, red, fuchsia. Tiny schediakia, flowers and all sorts of appearance, leaves, hearts, smiley baby, dots, Bows, starfish and shells, Animals, birds, butterflies and geometric shapes. Each unique design. The options do not stop anywhere, appetite there and imagination!
  • The taste ... a revelation. Vanilla, cinnamon, chocolate, cappuccino, cherry, strawberry, candy, oreo, nutella, lemon, blackberry, orange, chocolatechipcookie, I can go on writing about time .... and probably this is the secret, are some of the flavors that one can choose. The rich flavor earning the first bite even the most unbelieving. And if there is not the flavor you want can be made only for you. Different decoration materials, richer creams or light and immediately a new presentation, a new sweet with its own personality.
  • The price ... openly competitive. Starting from 1.10 τα mini cupcakes and normal in size from 1.5 euro. As much as we touched the economic crisis, all of us have found to do the thinking: "Let's get a little cupcake to try the delicious taste!"And the truth is that with the same spontaneity buy gum from the booth, and get the cupcake in hand while walking in downtown Athens.

Wedding cake or cupcakes;

Historically there was the theory that women, especially at weddings eager to see two features things, the first is the grand wedding of the bride and the second is the Wedding Cake the reception. Lately, however, sprang from children's parties this craze for cupcakes there is a large group of young people eager to find the location of the wedding cake and cute little cupcakes. Eager to see the setup, serving even the manner of presentation have.

Τούρτα με cupcakes

Many couples who want anyway to cut the cake, create a disc from 3 layers with cupcakes and uppermost place a small cake in design and colors similar to cupcakes to cut it alone. So and customs observed but the new trend prevailing in the evening. Also with this option to their winning flavors, because instead selected a single flavor throughout the cake, there may be various projects trays or plates of glass with different flavors and small tags, where guests illustrate what each, so that the final choice is only the guest's. A different idea, is to build a tower cupcake. That is to create the eyes of your guests the illusion of wedding cake consisting of many layers.

Prices for cupcakes

As long asn concerns the question of what it costs much more Wedding Cake or cupcakes, the answer will give you reading the following. The cake if special sweets for each guest, miniature cake, usually costs from 2.50 up 4-5 euro, while in cupcakes a classic piece starts from 1.50. If of course you want to personalize it with your monogram or with your wedding date, with different shape or extra topping each, with a heart. But all these ideas, clearly raise the cost and price depends on your requirements.

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