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Frequently Asked Questions


1.How far in advance should a couple be referred to SenSyle for organizing his wedding;

The average preparation for a wedding, defined in a year (10 with 12 months ago). However, there is nothing that dictates “must”. If eg. A couple decided in February that he wants to marry in July or even earlier in May, feasible. The difference is that there will be some compromises. Can not find the day and time desired by the couple in the Church or the ideal dexiakos space at a date chosen, have already closed. It does not mean that it is not feasible. The one year earlier defined as the ideal preparation time, without stress and with full control of the situation.

2.What should I know before I make an appointment;

When a couple decides to marry has thought, usually when, and some possible dates would. Ythere are 8 issues that would be ideal to have already decided but even if you do not have the answers to all these it would have been a discussion between a couple, and subject to the families as to who would like to become a marriage (Church and reception). In specific cases where the couple wants to get married on an island or in the province should have already decided in advance. It is important to know and you set your own limit on the Budget so that you know first of all you until you are willing to go. With these we can direct you but I want them to understand you and create little by little the style of your wedding.

3.What can I bring into the first meeting, to start organizing our wedding;

It's good to have already made a related research on what's out there. If you have already seen some bridal, invitation card, decoration or even a photo design with colors that you will love for your wedding, Bring with you. Research always helps. And because you see what's in place in this period you start out your own wedding, and us to understand your style and help you as much as possible to better design your wedding.

4.I need to know exactly what you need before you can turn on SenSyle, or we can clarify some things together;

Many times on the discussion, will see and practice, arise several issues that would not have thought. A wedding is composed of many individual pieces and many details. That's why we are here! To sort them out and put in a series you need to know and decide. We with our methodology is analyzed in detail you should know and slowly build you need. We do not want nor charge you or add you more stress. You can select the ones you want to take and what we want to take you. There is nothing hidden or anything that will not learn!

5.Offered some kind of package organization;

Unfortunately because the organization of a wedding has several aspects that do not want / need all couples, There are no ready-made packages. Each couple separately after our first date, and according to the needs of, obtain detailed tender you need. For couples who are living abroad and only, Therefore the specificity of distance and because pretty much your needs are more grouped, there are packages that can be made by phone contact us, be informed. But again it is not standard values, changes can be made as needed.

6.What is the process “Closed” for the day of the wedding with SenSyle;

The usual process is in principle free to contact us, μέσω email or phone to make an appointment where you meet you. At our first appointment we discuss the details and put some bases and what you might have in your mind. We will present a wealth of material through our portofolio with our jobs and material of the latest trends established. We will discuss in detail the style you want to pay and needs that may exist depending on the specificities of each pair. And will analyze the way we do and how our cooperation. Leaving us will have a specific plan for the series as to be made and you will know what you need and what you offer SenSyle. After 2 until 4 days taken our offer and after discussing the details, agreed and signed a private contract between us for the award of the Event of Your Wedding. At this point you should be given an advance that we have already agreed on the closure date. From here on begins the process of organizing your wedding!

7. Xreonetai first date with SenSyle;

Clearly not charged our appointment. It is a first acquaintance between us. For SenSyle communication and ” good chemistry” is something very important which underpins our partnership. The host plays a vital role in your life, months of organizing your wedding, and a man who almost daily can talk. So clearly need to you to match, be a pleasant man who will be able to arrange and communicate..

8. If interested party organizations, such as decoration or invitation can provide me only those that interest me;

The SenSyle so it is not ready packages. We are flexible and can provide either wholly organizing a wedding, either to offer our services in specific areas, depending on your needs. You choose what suits you!

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