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Thinking of getting married on a Greek island; You have seen graphics and beautiful churches in movies and advertising spot that advertise the beauties of our country, but do not know where it is or what organized a wedding from afar?

The SenSyle is here to help you and guide you on the path to perfect Destination Wedding! View 7 suggestions for beautiful churches in separate islands and get a glimpse of Skopelos, Andros, Santorini, Leros, Folegandros, Sifnos and Kea! 7 destinations where they can enchant you and your guests and provide the ultimate backdrop for your wedding .. or even for the christening / her small / or your. Select the island that suits you and we are here to discuss the organization of your wedding / christening, to make your dream come true!


1. Agios Ioannis, Skopelos

1 skopelos

Filled with dense forests covering almost 80% its extent, considered the greenest island Aegean, Skopelos. For the most part of the island retains its traditional character. Has declared a traditional settlement. The Country and the entire island is full of old traditional churches, churches and monasteries. O Saint John became notorious after the huge success of the film Mamma Mia. While each year progresses and more popular destination for weddings. The Church is like a little jewel, which rises on a hill, and standing agerocha above sea level to a height of about 100 measures. The path to get up in the Temple is after traveling, many steps carved into the rock and half an hour from the city by car. Civil marriages are allowed in the outside area of ​​the Church and Religion in the interior. There are many couples who choose to climb all the way even if it is only to be photographed. The beauty and the view of the Church is an amazing spectacle! Literally, has spectacular views and memories that will stay and you and your guests forever etched in their memory! Skopelos has many churches that can headline and your own wedding!


2. Virgin Thalassini, Andros

2 andros

Andros recent years a hit at weddings! Has always been an island that had a large tourist development, But recent 5 years more and more people choose to get married there. The two main reasons: 1being, that is within walking distance from Athens and there is easy access for the couple and their guests and 2nd, that is so beautiful Churches and chapels where each separately seduces. The most famous, church in men across the country on the path to Syneti, over the headland STAR. Standing alone, permanent proof of the name, Holy Monastery. The most insular but your proposal we are Panagia Thalassini. Built upon the rock of beaches in the country, It is encircled by sea water except for a staircase that connects the island to the mainland. As many say, the island is designated as the Kkykladitiki lady and correspondingly every marriage made there remains only!


3. Virgin Platsani, Oia Santorini

3 santorini

Who knows Santorini and what we say about weddings there??? There are more than 250 churches in Santorini, both the large and the smaller villages. Characteristic and peculiarity is and the blue domes of the churches located in Fira, Oia and Firostefani. This blue represents not only the color of the sea and sky and the Greekness of the island with the color of our flag. The churches with blue domes, white crosses and ornate spiers make up the classic image of Santorini. In actual fact, Santorini in every corner, offered a unique landscape. And that's what makes it unique. It is not only a chapel or a location, is a unique architectural design that makes the island stand out!

The Church of Panagia Platsanis is a beautiful church with a long history. The name took her by the murmur of the waters near the image where a fisherman found her after the devastating earthquake 1959. Formerly the Church, was built in the center of the village castle, But after the earthquake, completely demolished and rebuilt in the village center. The tradition states that after the icon was found at sea by a fisherman, for a long time, the image of each morning, appeared near the water, and every day the Priests epanatopothetousan the temple of the Holy. After several times, residents decided to build the Church there hanging at the picture every day, to see the seas and waters and bless the boats, to do the will of Mary.


4. Saint Isidore, Leros

4 leros

The island of Leros is located in the northern Dodecanese few miles south of Patmos while the south is separated by a relatively narrow sea passage to Kalymnos. Leros is one of the Greek islands that have not been affected yet by mass tourism. The island is small, if many villages and numerous beaches for all tastes. St. Isidore is one of the most romantic landscapes of Leros. Built on a cliff above the sea, which is connected to the mainland by a stone path, about 50 meters away from the shore of the island. It looks like a tiny island independent of the island but also, directly related to it. The sunset here is one of the nicest you can enjoy. If you have not visited…worth seeing a traditional wedding to be here!


5. Assumption, Folegandros

5 folegandros

It is the largest church of Folegandros, dedicated to the Assumption. Are perched on the cliff above the town, built probably in an Ancient Temple, building material which was used for its construction. The church took its present form during the reconstruction that began in 1816 and finished 1821. The church houses the image of the Virgin Mary dating from Byzantine times. The image, accordance with local traditions, is miraculous and is associated with many stories of pirates and other legends. To reach the Virgin should follow the picturesque cobbled path from the square of Punta. The duration of the hike is about 15 minutes.


6. Virgin Chrisopigi, Sifnos

6 sifnos

Sifnos is a beautiful mountainous island full of tradition and numerous little beauties. It is built on 3 hills, everywhere and has paved streets, wooden balconies, narrow streets. Remarkable point is the island's Castle, a traditional village where built as a Venetian fortress around 1635. A unique experience for every traveler. Our Lady of Chrysopigi, located on the road leading to Platis Gialos. This is one of the most beautiful and famous landscapes of the island. The sight of the Virgin Chrysopigi Sifnos and descending for the alley that will go around is capable your breath away. A bridge, essentially connects the islet with the rest of Sifnos. Whitewashed church perched on a rock deep inside the sea. Inside the monastery is the miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary monastery Chrysopigis.To, which are now inactive and cells available for guests staying, towering over the small headland that separates the two bay of Faros.

According to popular tradition, years of Crusader to the Monastery of Panagia Chrysopigi, nuns lived that preserved the monastery and lived in cells of. In a raid on the island, and while most of the nuns managed to flee away from the Raiders, one of them was left behind in the monastery. Chased by pirates, the nun asked the Lady Chrisopigi to save. Responding to the call, Panagia divided the bay into two, creating a schism, throwing the invaders into the sea. The schism is the hallmark of Chrisopigi where a strip of sea separates the bay from the land.

The Virgin Chrisopigi has proclaimed patroness of the island from 1964 AD. and Mary recoverable over 35 Miracles.


7. Virgin Kastriani, Kea (Kea)

7  Science

Uphill Castri, southeast of Otzia, is the Holy Shrine of Our Lady Kastriani. The monastery is situated in a superb location on the northern tip of the island of Cyclades, is the patron of Kea. According to tradition, The chapel was built in 1708 to where shepherds of the area were buried the image of the Virgin. The largest temple dominates the courtyard was built much later, it 1912. The Temple until 1983 was completely abandoned. For years Papa Lefteris and his family have taken entirely with great cordiality mental accommodate guests and always welcomed by. The monastery of Panagia Kastriani is about, 12 km. by Hora. The views are spectacular and captivating!

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