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naked cakes

Wedding Cakes…verbatim… Naked!!!


Fashion.. Voltage.. or simply a different idea. Cakes Naked! In other words, cakes with no external icing / frosting, whipped or Sugarpaste. In essence leave confectioners, most, the inner layers (layers) cake, the cake, appear. Given all the emphasis, ol intensity, abroad plan!

With color inside the layers or without, chocolate or vanilla flavor, decorated with seasonal fruit, The beautiful flower toppers or even even separately dried foliage and natural, the aesthetics of this cake is substantially different from what we have so far used. It can be just as beautiful, simple, complex, multi-storey or high just as with traditional wedding cakes. You can decorate and bring it to your tastes just as you would with the classic wedding cake you choose.

Confectioners say, that this method of construction, wedding cake and it seems easiest, wants more technical and time to generate the correct result. Each layer must be uniform, not seem imperfections (unless requested deliberately). It should have a proper moisture cake to not dry, not hardened to taste. But something still very, important, is that this cake is true! In sharp contrast to the 85% of couples are choosing wedding cakes false, this trend focuses only on cakes true!


We show you some beautiful pictures of Naked Wedding Cake Trend, that we LOVE!!!!

1ae24c87dd7fcf9698e311f0963fcac4 Photo: http://heyweddinglady.com/5b82cc38ceb112452f59be88117dc03a Photo: http://www.stylemepretty.com/ 9bea43185a67e8755feb148ec2150ef1 Photo:http://ruffledblog.com/ 6c71a170d7f94719155805fabf7508f9 Photo: http://www.stylemepretty.com/720543f31767c5e8e2a6316e60d981c2 Photo: http://bajanwed.com/ def331cd7eda2ac65d7e5e8909c92a88 Photo: http://aisleperfect.com/b9d127b3d93d3d3efd36a665f23df5ae Photo: http://emmalinebride.com/ b5b189e5a33fec86f7e63746b2709983 Photo: http://www.stylemepretty.com/

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