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Once the wedding only printing mattered the couple to create the invitation was…but not now! Plus the decor and beauty of a wedding has passed a series of small applications that are perfectly matched with your wedding invitation but stand out with originality and usability. What may be applications?? Applications keep saying when the visual similar the invitations and we make different kinds of ideas that can be useful in different areas of a marriage. Eg. do not let the classic numbering of each Catering with iron rings. Alternatively create a similar invitation card of a beautiful model with the couple's names and find a novel way to incorporate the centerpiece or stand on the table. When we bit of decorating the placemats for each guest or when we print the Menu will be served to your guests with a little touch of something your invitation, All these applications are different but usable, objectively give something your guests!

table numbers soupla menu

Individual ideas are always, the point is you want to be original in something and want to make something special that will stay on your guests. As is the idea with matchboxes and your names, The idea for fans of paper with the names of the couple and maybe a brief description of their relationship or acquaintance or even local customs that may each one of the pair follow from the place of origin. The tags with the names and seated each guest is another application for their convenience. Or even tags with thank you, that can be combined with a little gift, like a jar of jam, a bottle of raki or whatever put your mind!

alcohol bentalia name cards

Many times a nice way to incorporate the concept decorative applications, is to use the Candy Bar and do something really special! With labels for sweet, Offerings what each, with traditional bags or longer, Cornets, a phrase that says love on your part or thanks to your guests or even “έξυπνα sticks” for decoration with various expressions of enthusiasm!

hooray candy bar label candy bags

There are always ways. The issue is what you want to create and how willing you are to make something different. In some cases it is even necessary part of the organization and process applications and thus face. Eg. when a marriage, a large chunk of the guests are from abroad, we make programs explaining the essence of procedural marriage is to understand what monitor during marriage is all in Greek. Or even we can create beautiful labels for bottles of water and wine with monograms or wedding date of the couple! The ideas do not stop NOWHERE!!!!

programs mr&mrs wine label


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