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A custom from abroad who flirts with us…! One idea that comes from far away but maybe that is gaining more and more ground in Greece. H simple idea… when guests stay, in different foreign countries, must send the invitations early to inform friends and relatives. The guests have enough time to book hotel, flights, transport, etc. But how far in advance to send them so you do not forget??? So the idea of ​​Save The Date born to serve precisely this need. To send very earlier invitations and risk guests to forget exactly when the wedding will be, comes several months earlier, this little creative to rouse their friends and inform about the date of marriage. Usually indicate the day and month of wedding and the location will be, with the couple's names. Further details to come later Invitational.

The format varies Save The Date…

Many couples choose to have a small photo shoot at a favorite landscape. In the creative part make 5-6 these photos and create the model you want. Others try to pass a message through the Save The Date and to suggest the party will be held the marriage or how formal or informal you or even to give the tone and style of the reception.

Some couples masquerade full of fun! Favorite Fetishes, as paper mustache, big sunglasses, derby, cowboy or summer, converted into the hands of couples game, to make their guests.
The mode of transmission of the message does not stop anywhere since it depends purely from imagination and personality of couples! Beach.. the date written in the sand, lap the pair and the soles of the shoes selected date, wooden signs, cans, My pets every couple holding a sign, even wedding dresses with groom in foreground many times without the starring couple to pique the interest of the guests. Numerous ideas available to couples.

Τα είδη του Save The Date…

Choose from very simple paper, style invitation card or Convert Your Own Save The Date object to utilitarian. You can print as Card Postal, magnets for the fridge of your friends, bookmarks for books, or coasters for touching their glasses! Write it on a balloon and send it. Let your friends to rise and have their home. Scramble game with the phrase “save the date” or “you wait”. Cards-leaf notebook with you for background, to be accompanied and reminded your friends on your wedding day. Even printed blouses by day in the back of the Bride and month on the back of the Groom is a beautiful stylistic idea. Many ideas….. simply put all your good mood to be original and to make this “something” different!

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