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Slim Bites

All desserts are handmade Slim Bites, made with care and love of authors . The recipes are based primarily on the art of French pastry, without missing selected influences from the rest of the world.

Our principles include a commitment to proper selection and use of raw materials and the production process in respect of our sweet, so that our customers can enjoy every time the same top quality.

Aiming to meet the different needs of our common and current trends of healthy eating, added a wide variety of sweets with low calorie content, which is able not only to meet your culinary demands of high pastry fanatics but also to offer a sweet way to hitherto excluded for specific reasons (eg. diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, or simply on a diet).

In this series of fresh, White sugar replaced by high quality stevia, organic farming, and fat from other , lower fat. The end result is a quality and delicious sweet, with half the calories!

Stevia | Stevia sweets and other sweets with fresh ingredients and a traditional way of making them from the confectionery Slim Bites

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