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In recent years, couples who married during the summer, have risen sharply. Notwithstanding this we must know that winter has many advantages to be selected as an ideal wedding date. And there is a portion of the world, less, they consider in November – December – January – February as months romantics, full of warmth and months while celebrating! We we present in detail some of the benefits of winter, and you do not have to do anything else, than to note, to think and choose, what is your most.

1.Church & Wedding Ceremony

A good question, when you are sitting comfortably on your couch, and calculate what is the best Saturday of summer to your wedding, if you take into consideration how many other brides share the same idea with you. If you ask the “Perfect Church” you choose whether to have a free day and time that suits you. There are some particular Churches not all, but several, where… notably “prized”. The reasons are many.. some of them is that the options are limited in most picturesque chapels, or churches on the sea, where all prefer. In great contrast with the winter months, where it is much easier to select the day, but time and distance from the reception venue, you wish. The choices for winter Churches are abundant and you can certainly choose one that suits you perfectly!

2.Wedding Reception

Just because couples who marry in winter, is less, you with great ease to book the room you want, no waiting lists. Indeed, in a shorter time. Think a dexiakos space summer, wants at least 5-6 months, several times a year earlier to close it…while in winter you can even 2-3 months to book Polyhoros, Hotel or room you would like. Keep the positive that the services of catering and service definitely indoors, is safer and more qualitative. Made in their ideal space, and need not be transferred to another location.

3.List of Guests

In winter the completeness of a marriage is high. While during the summer is often the case that the “percentage loss” guests, at 18-20%. The default authorizations from work each, in conjunction with the holiday brings several, canceled lists. In winter almost all your loved ones, will be attending the most beautiful moment of your life, without major problems and program changes.

4.Economic background

Due to reduced demand during the winter months, Prices in all areas, is reduced. First at banquet, prices have a decrease of 10-15%. Together with the Catering, that give best prices, you can achieve a combination, quantity & Quality of food, much better than the summer one can simultaneously be parallel Catering 2-3 events must be carried out, in different places. The same applies to many areas, like. florist, car rental, the photographer, Loft, etc.. Keep in mind that if you choose a Friday or Sunday for your wedding day, prices have even greater reductions and you can always negotiate, or ask for better offers from individual Officers.

5.Thematic Decoration

If you are thinking of getting married in the winter, consider as a possibility in the period close to Christmas. Lends itself fairytale decorations, nicely, warm and bright colors, with numerous thematic adornment. Materials such as velvet, the glitter, crystals, artificial snow, and other very beautiful figures can give a special beauty to your wedding reception. Another celebration that could be fateful, is Valentine's Day. Also, because these months there are many festivals nominal, you could combine your wedding day with your celebration. Note, that marriages are not made by the Church, during: 18/12 until 25/12.


Very are those who wish to combine their wedding with a relaxed, beautiful honeymoon in a place elf. But what you may not know is that our summer is often not the best time for holidays in these places. Eg. Maldives best time for the visit is from November to April. The Virgin Islands, December to May. Jamaica from November until April, Thailand in December & February. It is a fact that the weather is changing more and more and the seasons tend to lapse last year., so, to not encounter any unpleasant surprises, sufficient to have information on the climate and temperature prevailing in the area you wish to visit.

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