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“Wedding Planning Planner 2018”

1. Which month would you choose for your wedding (multiple options)

2. Select the day you want to make your marriage

3. Select the number of guests

4. Select the location to the wedding

j. If you have selected the location in Attica please write it here

ii. If you choose a location outside Attica or Island please write it here

5. Select the area you want to make the marriage

6. Select the area you want to make the reception

7. Select style and wedding style

8. Choose your wedding budget

9. Select or favorite / s your color / s for your wedding

10.Have guests from abroad or province, you would like to secure accommodation and transport to and from the Mystery and Reception;

If you note or explain something, Use the field below


Name(necessary) Surname(necessary)

Το email σας (necessary)

Phone (necessary)


Fill the,What you see in the picture above

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