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Wedding Planning

Your wedding day happens only once and it allows no room for mistakes. For this reason, the wedding planner is the most stable investment you will make in planning your wedding. Being among the best wedding planners in Greece, we offer the best value for your money and we guarantee the creation of a perfect wedding, exactly as you had dreamed it would be.

Wedding Planing in 3 Steps

The philosophy of wedding planning

Η σωστή Wedding planning may become the most delightful or the most nightmarish moment in your life. You are in cloud nine… you are as happy as can be…but, even though you may be in seventh heaven… you must soon come down to earth and take on the organization of your wedding and its relevant planning. Both if you have plenty of time at your disposal and if you are getting married in 3-4 months, you must immediately get in action, so that you will have goals ahead of you for every little thing. The most common options for wedding planning are the following 3:

  • The first one is to assign the organization of your wedding and the whole process to a wedding planner.
  • The second one is to ask your friends or relatives to help
  • The third one is to do it yourself.

It is very important that we always think positively … but we must surely be realistic. So if we evaluate these three solutions, we will see that the third solution requires that you have plenty of time to spend on this; the second one is very good as long as you completely trust the people close to you and as long as you can make do with their opinions; and then we go to the first one, in which the wedding planner has the knowledge to carry out the entire organization, because this is his job. In the first solution, the wedding planner strives to tackle any individual issues, to advice you, to suggest solutions for you and to recommend professionals from each sector of the wedding; and all these always come in good prices.

The value of the wedding planner

Be sure that his fee is economical compared to what you would pay yourself for the reception halls, for the church, for invitations & wedding favors and for any other service required for the organization of your wedding. Another major asset of the wedding planner is the time you earn, since you can assign him all tasks, and allow yourself to merely choose among the suggested solutions from your place. Even in the cases of family disputes that may arise, you can put him up front so that any distress or minor controversies will be avoided. Finally, the wedding planner will help you set your tasks in order. Starting from the wedding day, he makes a timetable and sets backwards all the important actions that need to be carried out, such as when you need to send the invitations, when the guests should reply, how much time the typographer needs etc. He thus creates a personal journal with the actions that you need to perform together on a daily basis until the day of the wedding.

What you should know in advance:

  • The date of your wedding ceremony
  • Your Budget for the wedding planning
  • The number of your guests

In our meeting:

  • We will set the timetable with the steps of the wedding
  • We will choose the Church and venue

The Wedding planner will present her suggestions for your wedding:

  • For the decoration of the venue
  • For the decoration of the church
  • For the subjects concerning the accomodation and the transportation of your wedding guests
  • For the settings regarding the venue
  • For the issues related to the bride
  • For the invitations and wedding favors
  • For the Catering and the wedding cake

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