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“For all of you who live abroad and want to get married in Greece with the magic touch of a wedding planner…”

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Wedding in Greece…

Why choosing Greece for your wedding? Why traveling thousands of miles away from your home, to experience your wedding day? Are you worried about organizing a wedding remotely? Are you wondering who is going to take care of all those little details that make the perfect wedding? What is going to happen if your presence is necessary for something important at the Church or elsewhere? Are you thinking that organizing a wedding in Greece for next year might be risky?

Our homeland, our roots

It is a fact that the number of Greeks abroad who organize their wedding in Athens is constantly rising in recent years. The reason is simple: The Greek Orthodox weeding in Greece, with all its traditions and customs, cannot be experienced anywhere else but in the homeland. Greece can really offer you the absolute location for a special, picturesque wedding, with its different tastes and its “glenti” at very affordable cost at the same time.
Nothing compares to a classy outdoor wedding next to the sea, immersed in the romantic candlelight, with a view of the endless blue of the sea and the intoxicating smell of fresh flowers and sea breeze, with a party that doesn’t end before the sunrise. All this is offered in a package up to 40% less than a typical Reception Hall wedding in US.

Wedding Planning & Wedding Planner

At SenSyle we strongly believe that the Wedding Planner is the most stable investment you can make as regards to your wedding. With our experience in the market and the wedding industry professionals, we have the know-how to provide you with the best value for your money. We can guarantee you the organization of an impeccable wedding, exactly the way you have always dreamed of it. The Wedding Planner is your representative in Greece, your consultant, the answer to all your questions but most of all, the answer to all the issues that might occur during a long-distance Wedding planning. In reality the Wedding Planner is the person who brings your dreams closer to their materialization, regardless of the distance that separates you from Greece.

Planning Your Wedding In Greece In 4 Steps

Planning a wedding for a couple that lives abroad ideally should start a year before the wedding date and by no means later than 4-5 months before the wedding date. It may seem something impossible and a very complicated process to the newly-weds to be, but in reality it isn’t.

Setting an call conference or a skype call to investigate your requirements for the wedding. It is important at this point to know the following: The date of the wedding ceremony, the number of your guests from Greece and abroad, if you wish an outdoor ballroom or a hotel and your budget range. During this step, we will send you a Budget Breakdown form.
We recommend you, a specific solution that suits your needs. The suggested solution includes: -Available Ballrooms and Churches
Once we set the wedding date, the ballroom and the church for the wedding, you will get your monthly step by step wedding plan.
Afterwards, it starts the execution of the wedding plan with our unique combination of flavors combined by our methodology, your choices for the wedding and the timetable that we have set. Some examples of the steps are the decoration, the flowers, the wedding invitations, favors and all other Greek customs and not happening during a wedding in Greece.

What SenSyle does for you

  • We plan your time of visit to Athens
  • We suggest ideas for the Church where the ceremony will take place
  • We arrange in advance your appointments for the visits of the reception locations suggested
  • We offer you a tasting of the Catering Service of the location chosen
  • We discuss your choices of the wedding cake and its design
  • We provide you with a comprehensive list of the documents you need for the Marriage License (whether you are an American or a Greek citizen living abroad)
  • We plan your special night step by step
  • We offer you a great variety of thematic and colour options to choose from for your special night
  • We prepare the decoration plan and decorate the Church as well as the reception location. Flower decorations included.
  • We prepare the table set up of the reception location and the special lighting.
  • We design and print the wedding invitations in Greek and English , the table numbers, the placemats, the coasters, the desert tags, the wine and water bottle tags, the wedding favours ( match boxes, napkins etc)
  • We coordinate and supervise the wedding night.
  • We supervise all the people involved in the wedding night preparations.
  • We offer the best accommodation choices for your guests and ensure group offers. (συνολικά πακέτα = comprehensive packages ή group offers?)
  • We offer transfer to and from the Church and the Reception Location

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