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Every wedding tells the unique story of two people and it is our desire to turn it a unique experience. Every couple has its own sense of style, its own taste and its own personality. Our tru passion is to help your style make its mark and show it off in a unique way. To create a wedding whose sights and emotions will remain with your guests forever.

The philosophy of decoration

Bohemian, vintage, country, elegant, chic, traditional, modern, ‘Under the Moon’, rustic…in some picturesque Athenian location, on the beach or one of our beautiful islands…the challenge is independent tone and style.

Working methodically, beginning with designing your personal colour palette, we chose flowers and foliage that suit the season, your budget and the style of your wedding. Using a wide range of photographs we will talk and decide together on the style you want your wedding to have. Ornaments, lanterns, old-fashioned or modern furniture, unique pieces, a choice of materials and fabrics…all come together and unite piece by piece.

Together we will set the tone of the event and the various parts of the wedding to create the complete picture that we have designed well in advance. Centrepieces, decorations, candy bar, candles, bouquets, boutonniere, unique backdrops for the wedding tables, arrangements larger or smaller, subtle or not so subtle, finishing touches, all in line with what suits you, are taken care of and created in whatever style you have chosen in order to realise your dream wedding as you want it to be (favours, remembrances, place mats, fans, match boxes, welcome bags, surprises for your guests, smaller happenings during the wedding, and other original ideas).

Once you have completed planning the decoration and the idea/theme you want to achieve, we then move on to samples of appropriate centrepieces for you tables. You can change them, add to them, adapt them, but above all actually see what the decoration of your wedding will be like.

The timetable ~ Plan ~ Colour Palette ~ Design & Research ~ Photographs ~ Samples

The value of a wedding planner

Methodicalness and organization are the most important elements that you will need and we provide you with them in the best possible way. Plans, designs, and your personal colour palette will serve you well and help you on every step of the way towards your dream wedding. Decorations, invitations, ‘thank you’ cards, unique favours and custom wedding designs are all created to be completely coordinated in terms of the material, fabric, and decoration in the most impressive manner. A combined effort providing the perfect balance between value, quality and taste. Trust us and we are positive that the result will be impressive, flawless and in the best possible taste.

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