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“ Christening Services”

How fast do months pass and how fast the time came when you need to plan the christening of your baby? Are you full of zest and joy to make the ideal setting for your little ones or does daily routine not allow you to find some time to do so? In any case, SenSyle is here to help you, as much as you need, and create with you the perfect fairy-tale christening decoration for your little princess or your little angel!

The philosophy of christening planning

For the total process of planning and scheduling to begin, you must first think and imagine which theme you would like the decoration to have. What better suits your baby, or your own favorite fairy-tale from your childhood which you would like to see reborn. It all starts with an idea! You only need to share it with us, and we will build it on solid foundations. If you haven’t made up your mind on s decoration theme, we can suggest to you numerous ideas, which are loved by children. Read some of the christening themes we suggest. The most common options for christening planning are the following 4:

  • The first one is to ask your friends or relatives to help.
  • The second one is to try to cover each part of the christening on your own.
  • The third one is to assign your christening and the whole process to a christening planner.
  • The fourth one is a combination, i.e. to assign the christening planner the coordination & assistance with planning, and undertake some parts of the process yourself.

In SenSyle, understanding the significance of your baby’s christening day, and the great desire of mothers to do the best they can for their little angels, we suggest an alternative manner of cooperation. This manner is no other than getting you involved in practice, to the extent you wish to get involved, with the decoration, or the christening favors, or anything else you desire! We believe that even though proper guidance and advice by experts in the field is required, there is no need for the mothers’ personal touch to be missing!

The value of the christening planner

We in SenSyle suggest to you that we meet and talk in person about the thing you would like to do in the christening, and the ideas that can be materialized. Together we will set a plan for each part of the christening which we will tend for. Unique, fresh ideas and images drawn from children’s dreams, rendered with imagination, tastefulness, impeccable coordination, diligence and above all respect to this special day for the parents and the baby. We will be by your side for any question that might come up and to tackle any problem that may arise.

Christening Planning in 3 steps
What you should know in advance

  • The date of the christening of your baby
  • Your Budget for e planning
  • The number of your guests

During the meeting:

  • We will set the timetable with the steps that need to be taken for the Christening
  • We will choose the Church and the Venue
The Planner will present to you her suggestions:

  • For the Church and the Venue.
  • For Catering.
  • For the decoration of the church and the decoration with flowers.
  • Design of the Christening concept. (Invitations, Wish Books etc.)
  • Decoration of Venue Decoration Themed Table with Sweets and Favors.
  • Decoration of Venue.
  • Entertainment activities for the kids such as a Clown.
  • Inflatable Toys & event with skilled people in uniforms to the topic of Baptism.
  • Balloons & constructions.
  • Foto and Video shooting.
  • Unique Favors for your guests.

Christening Planning

Full christening design & management

Full coordination Venue scouting

Event design

Flora Design

Original candy bars

Customized printed materials

Hand made favors

Event management & coordination

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