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Because deciding on the venues is a matter of organization!
One of the first steps you need to take in planning your wedding is the choice of the right church and the most suitable place for your reception. There are many options available to you.. It might be said that there are too many to be able to decide which is the best. SenSyle promises to show you the way, to guide you, and bades on its great experience, advice you on the perfect place to hold the first celebration of youy new life together!

Choice of Location

  • A mountain or seaside wedding venue
  • The roof garden of a hotel
  • A function room in a hotel
  • A villa with a garden
  • A composite venue by the sea
  • An island or Athenian beach
  • A themed location or room
  • A museum, lake, winery, equestrian club
  • An industrial building, etc..
Once you have decided on the wedding day, even if you have only decided on the season when you want to get married, you have to think about a few more things to help move you towards finding the ideal location for you. Some of these are the following: 1. The number of guests who will be attending the reception. 2. The distance from the church you will need your guests to cover. 3. Your budget. 4. The style of the reception, and whether it will be inside or outside. 5. The location you prefer, by the sea – mountain – island – centre of town – etc.. 6. Perhaps there is some theme to your wedding, which might need a special venue. 7. The possibilities provided by the reception location. 8. The exclusivity of the location. 9. Accommodation for you and some of your guests.

The value of a wedding planner

SenSyle is fortunate enough to work with a large number of locations which could host your reception or wedding party, so we are able to help. The style and tone of the reception are your choice. Whether it is a formal black-tie reception, a cocktail party for a select circle of friends, or a beach party, we are in a position to suggest venues that specialise in exactly what you want the event to be.

We are in constant touch to make sure we know of any change at or development to the venue. And every year we are updated on the menus for all of the venues, the costs for their partners (D.J, parking, etc.) and whatever changes may have been made. In the comfort of our office we can give you a detailed presentation of whichever venue you would like, with photographs, details, what the area is like, the menu. By looking through venues in this way in the office, there is no need to go visiting venues that you might have seen in some magazine or been told about by a friend. This will save you precious time and will help you to start getting a clearer idea of what suits you better. Of course, you will have to visit the venues you choose, but this will definitely save you a lot of needless running around.

Choosing Church & Venue in 3 steps

What you should know in advance

  • The date of of your wedding
  • The number of your guests
  • The style and the theme of your wedding
  • Your Budget(min. & max.)

At our meeting:

  • We will present the venues
  • We set the budget
  • We choose the catering the theme of the cuisine
  • We set the distances between the church, the venues, and the accomodatons of the groom and the pride

The planner will help you with:

  • The visits at the places of your interest (venues, churches)
  • The flower decoration of the Church
  • The catering menu
  • all the subjects related to venues, accomodations and transortations in between
  • a full list with advantages & disadvantages of the different proposals to compare
  • the tasting of the catering menu and the wedding cake

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