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Event design & planning…

SenSyle is among the first offices in the field of event organizations in Greece. Our main object is complete wedding & christening planning. We undertake the search for the reception venue and the church from the beginning, as well as the composition of decorative details, favors, invitations, flower decoration and all little elements which bring cohesion to an event. In each project, we place our experience and know-how and offer you the best package in full balance of value, quality and aesthetics.

We believe that the best planning of an event starts with an organized plan!

With passionι

Our real passion is our effort to find and promote the personal style of each couple; to create a wedding or a christening, which will uniquely represent you. It will have your style, taste and personality in it.


We mainly organize events in Athens, but also throughout Greece, in islands and in remote areas, depending on where we are asked to do so. We can suggest picturesque small churches in all corners of our beautiful Greece. We cooperate with numerous estates, special venues, hotels, and our list is constantly renewed, so that we can offer you the best possible coverage you need.

Impeccable process…

SenSyle undertakes to guide and orient you towards the right direction. From the first meeting with Marita (Wedding Planner), you get a detailed presentation of the solutions and our suggestions for you, with the creation of the appropriate plan. We accompany you to the meetings we have scheduled for you (based on your personal budget and according to the style you want to give to your event) so that you can see reception venues and churches. We, thus, secure the services the Managers of those venues will offer you, and we coordinate the proper team which must surround you for the achievement of the best possible result. Our goal is that in the end we completely satisfy the couple’s taste and that we always deliver an impeccable result, of high aesthetics, in the best possible price.

A good piece of advice…

The bride and the groom, or the baby’s parents are never left without a person they trust besides them; a person who has a serious opinion and real advice, who answers all their questions and who finally saves them time and money from the limits they had set. We work around the clock, to guarantee that each one of your wishes comes true, at the style of your wedding.

Find what you dream of

We invite you to thoroughly check our services , our gallery , what our customers have said for us, and we are waiting for you to contact us for any question you may have. We are here to set the planning of your wedding on solid foundations. Even if you are not sure, we will be happy to meet you in person and advice you on the existing options!

“Staging an event can be quite an art.. The venue and setting are the stage, the hostess, the director.”

Preston Baily

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