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Event planning & coordination… 

SenSyle is one of the leading companies in event planning in Greece. The name comes from a contraction of the phrase ‘Sense of Style’, and this unique sense of style is demonstrated in every wedding we take on. Our main business is the start to finish organisation of weddings and christenings. The idea began in 2006, as a pioneer in the field of planning at that time, with Marita, who came from the world of graphics and decoration. We take on the initial search for a reception venue and the church, up to arranging the decoration, the favours, the invitations, the floral decoration, and all the minor details that give an event a coordinated feel. We bring our experience and technical knowledge to bear on every project and we offer a partnership which perfectly balances value and taste.

We believe that the best planning of an event starts with an organized plan!

With passion for the job!

Every event tells the unique story of two people and it is our desire to turn it a unique experience. Our true passion is to help the style of every couple make its mark and show it off in a unique way. To create a wedding whose sights and emotions will remain unforgettable. It will have your style, taste and personality, presented in the most creative manner. Bohemian, vintage, country, elegant, chic, traditional, modern, ‘Under the Moon’, rustic…in some picturesque Athenian location, on the beach or one of our beautiful islands…the challenge is independent tone and style…and the result will always be impressive, flawless and in the best possible taste.


We organize events in Athens mostly, but also throughout Greece, the islands, and more remote areas, depending on what we are asked for. We can recommend picturesque chapels in every corner of our beautiful country. We work with many wedding venues, specialist venues, and hotels and our list is constantly being revised, so the we can provide the best possible cover.

A flawless process…

SenSyle will guide you and point you in the right direction. From your first meeting with Marita (wedding planner) there will be a detailed presentation of your options and our suggestions, to create the perfect plan. We will accompany you on the meetings we have arranged for you (based on your personal budget and depending on the style you want your event to have) to see the reception venues and churches. In this way we can guarantee the services that you will be provided with by those responsible for these venues, and we coordinate the right team to surround you to achieve the best result. Methodicalness and organisation are the most important elements that you will need and we provide you with them in the best possible way. Timetables, plans, designs, and your personal colour palette will serve you well and help you on every step of the way towards your dream wedding. Our ultimate aim is to match the couple’s style completely and always deliver a perfect result; the highest taste at the best possible price.

A good piece of advice…

The bride and groom, or the child’s parents, will never be without someone they trust beside them. Someone whose opinion has weight and who can provide practical advice, who can answer questions and finally save time and money in line with the limits that they have been given. We work around the clock to guarantee that all your wishes are granted in the styling of your wedding.

Destination Wedding…

For couples who live abroad but love Greece and want to start their life together here in Athens or on a Greek island, SenSyle has its own trusted partner, Irina, in New York, to take care of everything. At your first meeting, she will give a thorough explanation of SenSyle’s services and point you in the right direct towards the best place to start planning your wedding. You will be given all the answers you need and from the start you will have someone on your side to help you from your very first steps.

Find what you desire..!

We invite you to carefully examine ourservices , our galleries , and whatour clients have said about us, and we look forward to hearing from you so that we may answer any queries you have. We are here to put the organisation of your wedding on a firm foundation. Even if you are not sure, we would welcome the opportunity to meet you and advise you on what there is available!

“Staging an event can be quite an art.. The venue and setting are the stage, the hostess, the director.”

Preston Baily

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