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Do you live far away from where you whould ideally like to get marries? Do you live abroad but you always dreamed of getting married on a Greek island? However great the distance between you and the perfect place for your wedding… it is never too far! Everything is possible. You just have to believe it and have the willingness to create somenthing special for you, your family and friends.

The philosophy behind the wedding planning

Organizing a wedding at a distance is definitely demanding. One of the first things you will have to decide is the place where you want your wedding to take place. This is not, however, a normal wedding venue about which you can change your mind. You must be very sure about the location you choose. Think about which month you want and start doing your research and getting in touch at least a year in advance. We believe each destination wedding urgently requires the involvement of a wedding planner, as there are so many things that need to be done. Hotels for the guests, air and sea travel, the equipment that has to be rented to create to create the backdrop you want where you want, catering and decoration…everything has to be taken care of very carefully so that it runs smoothly for the few days that you and your friends are on the island to share the unique experience of your wedding. You should be free to experience it and enjoy it without stress or pressure!

To begin preparing for your wedding on a beautiful island, you should finalise some of the basic issues so that you can get your priorities in order. These basic issues are:

  • Where do want it to take place?
  • How open or intimate do you and your families want the event to be?
  • What tone and style best represents you?
  • What color palate best expresses you?
  • What is your budget?
  • How many of your guests will you pay for in terms of accommodation and tickets?Choose who will take the final decisions.
  • Decide if you need help with the planning.

Once you have dealt with these issues, you are on your way to starting to plan your wedding! There are many issues that will come up and details that you have to attend to, so you must be both careful and well informed. Try and be as organised as you possibly can!

The value of the wedding planner

The right plan and perfect coordination are the key issues behind a wedding on an island or anywhere else in Greece you choose. Any wedding far away from where the couple lives is a unique and special challenge! There is no wedding the same as last year’s and next year’s will also be different. At Sensyle we believe that every couple has its own personality which defines its needs and guides us as we cater for them. A wedding in a far away place is nothing to do with its size, but with the special feelings and the sense of the different which should be reflected in all aspects of the event.

Guided by the experience we have gained in the field over the years, the Sensyle team has been responsible for some of the most romantic and special weddings throughout Greece. Whether in distant Florina, picturesque Hydra or Kea, or even in unique Kimolos, we can take care of anything you need to organise a complete, exclusive wedding.

Why should you hire a wedding organiser if you are getting married on an island or distant area? Here are 10 reasons:

The time spent preparing for your wedding should be quality time, relaxed and free from stress.

Not spent wasting endless hours trying to find the right person in the place where you need them to be.

Because it is far from where you live and you don’t have the time to go there.

To get out of possibly awkward situations that might arise with your family and friends.

To make sure the reception or wedding party is tastefully arranged and everything needed is there.

So that you don’t forget to pay for something or overlook something important.

To ensure that you don’t go over the budget you have set.

So that there will be someone responsible for running the whole evening so that you don’t have to concern yourself with everything that comes up.

Because, quite simply, you have never done it before and you need someone with experience to stand by you, to understand you, and ensure that the organisation is exactly as you want it!

Because you deserve this day and it should be the most beautiful of your life and you should celebrate it as best defines you.

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